Be First Class

Written by Nathan

At the beginning of this new year we at First Street Brewing Company would like to introduce a simple idea. It’s not a battle cry or a call to fight, but a way of life in which we approach every person in our lives with civility and respect. It’s easy… all you have to do is Be First Class.

But what does that mean? Those three little words.

Be First Class.

Take a moment and think about it.

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Big Thanks

A Huge Thanks!

Bringing Brewing to Hastings, Nebraska

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to become a First Street Brewing Company 1st Founder!

We have so many generous supporters who will forever go down in our history books as the 1st. Welcome to the First Street Family, we’re glad to have you.

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Since We Last Spoke

Written by Nathan

Wow. It has been way too long since I gave everyone an update and I apologize for that. There have been a lot of changes at the brewery building and I have found myself in the thick of it, concentrating on getting it just right, and forgetting to share the story with all of you. Continue reading “Since We Last Spoke”